I’ve been sitting behind a computer since I was a youngster. The story must be familiar for most; I started playing games and exploring the web. My studies brought me somewhere else, in the realm of studying human behavior. Later, when I worked in a computer store, I was introduced to the world of malware analysis. This is where my interest in cybersecurity began.

Now I work in the field of cybersecurity, including pentesting, development, and incident response. What makes me excited is solving puzzles. I use this to help companies protect their information by providing insights in their cybersecurity situation.

On this website, I’ll share my thoughts about cybersecurity-related topics. The goal of my articles is to provide food for thought and interesting reads.

What I do

  • Security Testing: Uncovering vulnerabilities, threats and risks in applications.
  • Web application development: Developing web applications for fun and learning.

Some stats

  • Responsible disclosures: 11
  • CVEs assigned: 2